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Space Cat is a 2D arcade-style platformer where the player(s) must collect as much gems, coins and diamonds as possible while surviving the asteroid terrain, which is constantly being destroyed by missiles, and regenerated by UFOs. You can customize the game’s difficulty by toggling individual hazards, and your character's movement options.

There is also a side-scrolling story-based Adventure Mode, a multiplayer Battle Mode, a time trial-based Boss Rush mode, and multiplayer Minigames. In all of these modes, you can collect special coins to unlock hats for your cat to wear.

Originally released Dec 2, 2016

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, Arcade, Co-op, Local multiplayer, minigames, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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I think this game is local-multiplayer? If so, I think it's worth adding this tag.

added, thanks!

Mac, Linux and Android versions of this game would be great. Especially Android for it's multiplayer functionality.

I'm having trouble with the controls in this game. I'm using a controller, but it seems that I can't rebind controls for it, and I'm not really fond of the layout provided . . .


Hello! i'm EXTREMELY Loving this game! I've been playing it for a while and plan to play it more!

Although I wanted to report a possible bug! In the game, I noticed that you can drop items by tapping the dodge button twice, which is a great feature! However, The "Umbrella" Item description says that equipped umbrellas will drop if you dodge (or get hit).

This doesnt happen! in stead, the umbrella is stuck to you no matter how much you mash the dodge button! And if you equip other items while having the umbrella, it's impossible to drop them either, hammers and guns are stuck to you aswell! Any equipped items will only drop when getting hit! is that how it's meant to be?

Other than that, this game is preety much perfect to me. I adore playing the classic mode a LOT and all the different multiplayer modes. it's Extremely simple, responsive and FUN!

hi, thanks for the report. I have rolled out 3.3.3 which fixes this issue. the key for dropping umbrellas was still hard-coded to the original control scheme (C), and would not work after changing the controls or using a gamepad. should be all good now!


oh my goodness, sorry for the late reply!

I tested it out and it works wonders now! Thank you!! Me and a friend tried the adventure mode and it was REALLY TOUGH but it was still a lot of fun! (I LOVE the Walrus Bossfight).

But the main game is extremely fun. I really like playing it with my friend, specially on Giant mode With all the items and bombs and things all around!!

Thank you again for the quick response and fix! I'm looking forward to trying "Pyro Fighters" next! Best wishes on your work with "Wonky"!