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I quite enjoyed checking this game out ^^ 

Can we have Mac and Linux versions too?

Is there something special I need to do to open the character from secret character from level 15? I unlocked it but the character doesn't show up in the select screen.

not certain what specifically is causing this but apparently it's happened to some. You can force character unlocks by editing savedata.ini (in AppData\Local\BINKY_S_TRASH_SERVICE ) and setting (in this case) char_unlocked_7="1.000000" .

If that doesn't fix it, the upcoming patch will address it directly.

Super satisfying to play, from how it controls to the sound effects, music, design, everything just fits perfectly together, and it never gets tiring to hit those trash cans, the sound and animation they do is therapeutic and has that same satisfying quality as munching ghosts in pacman.

Patiently awaiting the upcoming update for it though to play it 1:1 1x pixel scale, as the plan is to have it playable vertically on an Astro City, it's so arcadey and feels like a perfect match. But as it is right now it's 2x scaled only.

Considering making an instruction inlay for this game too.

Can't wait :D

Pretty game, nice idea, art style and music. Though I think the moving backgrounds hurt my eyes after a while, I think... the controls are kind of floaty, the Binky's move a bit too fast sometimes.... and I can't figure out how to get the last trash can in level 2, the one that's flanked by two pumpkins and spikes... and I don't know how to get back to the menu, how am I supposed to hold left *and* right at the same time?

Other than these problems, it's really charming!

I got this game through the Ukraine Bundle. Awesome game! I love it's mix of Speed running and looking a bit like New Zealand Story. Any chance of a Linux version in the future?